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We challenge the status quo by creating trade routes that improve market access and economics.

In Setién, we know each and everyone of our clients personally. We nurture face to face dialog to build understanding and reckoning of each other’s goals that translate into a mutually attainable vision.
Dealing in three commodities industries (Energy, Metals and Agriculture) further enriches our reasoning on markets dynamics and trends, giving us the solutions we create for our clients.


More than ever, energy demand increases at a faster pace while technology improves production and economies of scale. This is particularly true with Asia’s energy demand and North America’s production growth. The challenge is how to better connect the two, through a new Energy Belt, that realizes both regions’ potential. Setién’s answer: EnBelt. EnBelt by Setién is an Energy Complex that will redirect North America crude/condensate, NGL’s and LNG to Asia, while offering Asia a breakbulk destination for their refined product imports. EnBelt will store 12MBbls of petroleum products to export 2MMBPD of crude/condensate, 300KBPD of LPG and 15MMTA of LNG

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China enjoys the lion’s share in most of the important metals, such as rare earths, aluminum, lead, copper and steel. Maintaining this leadership comes with a challenge: find scalable supply inroads that guarantee long term access, growth and competitive pricing to key raw materials. Emerging markets with abundant resources seem to be the answer. Their goal: to establish true partnerships that improve their wealth as a country by means of infrastructure development, job creation, and access to higher education and health services. Addressing one of these raw materials, Setién has been working diligently with Chinese leaders in the steel industry and with an iron ore producer in South America to retool the development of the region by investing in increasing production capacity to 50MMTA and building transloading terminals and port facilities to load very large ore carriers. This undertaking is being led by Setién with one mission in mind: Meet our clients’ goals.

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Today, there is plenty of infrastructure in the region that is concentrated in the traditional production centers. With growing harvests year on year, the new production areas are further and further away from existing logistics hubs to the point that it is not economically certain for farmers to enjoy sustainable access to export markets. In response to this development, Setién established better trade routes for soybeans and corn in thes new production areas, and has been developing strategic infrastructure to reduce logistics costs and slash transit times from the farmlands to the consuming markets. As result, Setién has positioned itself to enter into long term take-or-pay contracts, giving certainty to these farmers so they can improve their economics by growing production and securing export markets access for years to come.

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Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you and tinkering with the future of world trade together.

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